The State Episode 2 review

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Broadcaster- Channel 4 2017 (UK)

You might be sitting there wondering what to do on the internet, you are currently scrolling and trawling through numerous feeds but have no fear as we have another review for you right here!!!

The State is a hard-hitting drama on 4 recruits who travel from the UK to join Islamic State in Syria. Please like, share and comment your thoughts on my review after reading, cheers..
The second episode dives deeper into the stiffness of ISIS, let’s face it, you would not want these goons running a council estate let alone an area the same size as Britain (the USA actually reported this in 2014)..

In the early moments of the episode we see Ushna scolding a woman for not having a Mahram* (Male Relative, for more see below) but then regret what she has said as she witnesses a public lashing for the…

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