The State Episode 3 review

Broadcaster- Channel 4 2017 (UK)

Here we are again people, with episode 3 of the 4. Your weekend is over but no need to snooze, as boy what a review we have for you. As always please like, share and follow the blog and comment with your feedback, thanks!

The episode begins with the Lioness; Ushna, who (can you actually believe?) has an App to translate her Husband’s Arabic into English. Although, I bet she wishes she never had it when he not only disses her cooking, but he gets a maid to do it for her, which leaves Ushna especially jealous.

“Have you learnt to cook” (Ushna’s lion on his meal)

Meanwhile Shakira is sent a proposal of marriage by the hospital chief; Abu Akram, who in the last episode shouted at her for not covering her face. Shakira’s son, Isaaq is not pleased and asks why she cannot marry Dr Rabir (does blind date come to mind with all this match making). Anyhow, she asks Dr Rabir, who (surprise surprise) is homosexual, but Shakira only wants to work at the hospital so happy days, he agrees but Shakira is making serious enemies..

One of them is the humiliated Abu Akram who she refused for marriage, he takes her to the side and shows her barely alive bodies of Alawite fighters (Army of President Assad who is from the Shia* sect). She is then told to take out their organs* but Shakira objects as she is a doctor and wants to preserve life. As a result of this, she is lashed in public.

Over at Jalal and Ziyad’s camp they are taken to women who are prisoners of war, some have their children with them. They are then sold to soldiers for sexual intercourse, this is too much for some recruited Jihadis, “so we are going to convert them to Islam by F***ing them”.. Jalal agrees to pay for a mother and child as slaves for protection.. In Islam the rights of a slave women is consensual intercourse, you cannot rape or abuse*. ISIS believes you can have sexual intercourse with them even without their permission.

Jalal as I have mentioned only paid for the slaves’ protection and again is showing himself to be a very conflicted individual, he has a lot of good character traits, it is sad that he followed a warped version of Sunni Islam, he believes it is the true way and it appears he is scared to question his belief.

Ushna receives the most heart-breaking news of her husband’s death from fighting. She is supposed to take it well and be happy that he is martyred and in supposed Heaven (ISIS believe in this) but she is upset and crying emotionally which is deemed as not right by the other sisters.

Back at the camp Jalal and Ziyad prepare to fight against the Alawites, Ziyad is the one that fully loves his ISIS life, he has embraced the doctrine in full and when the chance comes to die for the cause he literally does it in Suicide* style. He wrote Jalal a note knowing he would not be happy with this choice. When Jalal tries to find him to stop him, he is too late. Now for the finale, it will be interesting on how this will affect him, will he still follow this way or not?

*Shia –  Islamic sect that believe the Prophet Muhammad’s nephew should have led them as the first Caliph after his death but Sunnis say the Prophets close friend Abu Bakr rightly took the mantle.

*Islamic Slaves – The majority of the Muslim world do not believe ISIS view on slaves, the general view is firstly the war absolutely has to be lawful, and if any slaves are required then not only must you ask permission for sexual intercourse but you must treat them the best like you treat your own family. There are numerous ways a woman slave is able to become free.

*Suicide – is not allowed in Islam but groups like ISIS and others use this as fighting for God even though the Prophet said such a person can never enter Heaven..

Organs* – ISIS is known to take organs and sell them on the black market to fund their terror regime.

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